Review the Think! Downtown Master Plan

By September 20, 2017News

Based on hundreds of public comments, five Steering Committee meetings and stakeholder feedback the Think! Downtown Master Plan is now available for review in draft form. The full document along with appendix information is available at the links below. Feel free to provide comments which will then be reviewed. There are two opportunities for public input: October 17th there will be a public hearing for Planning Commission; and October 24th there will be a public hearing for City Council.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this planning process and we look forward to hearing your comments!

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  • Ryan Tasseff says:

    Really glad that the community got to be so involved in this process. My thanks to the supporting council members and all those involved. Excited to see some of these ambitious plans come to life!

    Hope to be able to offer continued help and support!

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